Thursday, March 29, 2007

Updated Photo, Age 15 months

A special Christmas gift was this updated photo from Love Without Boundaries. They had actually sent it as a followup thank you to K. Doctor and she forwarded it to me. This is Camryn six months post surgery. I think her lip looks Great!!!

But I think she is a little camera shy and maybe wondering what that thing is SO VERY close to her face! It looks like someone gave her a cookie to stop her from crying. I see little crumbs on her mouth. And a bruise on her forehead could be from any number of toddler tricks!

If you look a bit further back in my blog, you'll see that Cami is wearing the same jacket she had on in her very first photo, back before her surgery. This must be the special, picture taking, quilted jacket. It's pretty, but starting to look a bit small....

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