Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Our Days Are Numbered!!!!

Travel Approval Has Been Granted!!!!
Late yesterday afternoon a package was delivered to our agency in Hawaii. It held the most wonderful news of all. China has issued us an invitation to come to their country and adopt Camryn Zhiyu.

Today we will be finalizing the Consulate appointment in China and buying plane tickets. The real countdown has begun.

Meanwhile Cami has no idea of the love posse on it's way to scoop her up! Each of us loving her in our own special way. If you pray for us, please pray that Cami 's heart has also been prepared. Though the conditions are not the best, she is leaving the only home she has known.

I hope angels whisper to her in her dreams and help her prepare for the biggest day of her life! Our tentative plans are to leave home on August 9th. We will meet Cami on August 12th.

I am starting a yahoo group to chronicle our journey to China because it seems to be the easiest to access and update from the different parts of the country. If you would like to join and follow us during our preparation and travel, you will need to send me an email so I can issue you an invitation.


NotrepetiteperleMarilou said...

Dear Sherri and family,

I feel the excitement you feel as I was there only a few months ago.

I picked up Cami`s orphenage friend Xin Fa in Nanchang only 3 months ago exactly yesterday but it feels like a life time (not because its been boring but because I can not imagine my life withouth her ever!!!).

I can not believe how time has flown since then and how much progress she has done. As a surprise, she started to walk solidly on her little pudgy legs yesterday, what a wonderful surprise. My baby is not so little anymore!!!

While reading your blog and your info on the yahoo group, I am amazed to realise that you are going through exactly the same feelings I felt and the rainbow of emotions I felt - not but for a "total stranger"; adoption reunites and bound people in a big way...

Xin Fa and Cami will meet again, I promise that we will travel to Philadelphia one day and our little girls who used to be friends (remember the photo I sent you from the orphenage where they both played together with another little girl named Rosalie who now lives in Montreal?) will be reunited once again!!!

Much much love from Xin Fa and I and all the best on your wonderful journey to China.

Our prayers and thoughts will be with you all the way. This is the time of your life my dear. Enjoy (although I was a bit frozen on the first few hours as I could not believe that she was finally with me after 2 long years " in waiting"...

If by any chance you go to the orphanage, kindly take pictures (I know you will) so I have a better album for my little one)...

Much love again,
Xin Fa (15 months old next week) and Marie-France


NotrepetiteperleMarilou said...


Sorry I published under my sister`s blog I created for her this morning but it does not matter as she also adopted a little Chinese girl 3 years ago - so you will see her photo as well... Small world isn`t?

Yesterday, as a matter of fact, I went to the park and met again 2 teen agers from China... In my neighbourhood we now total 5!!! Not bad for a small town in Québec ah ah ah

As well, if I count well, in my extended family we also have a total of 5 chinese girls...

Marie-France Bourgeois
Québec, Canada

amy said...

YOu are such a good writer. Your posts tend to make my eyes water..

how wonderful

Judi said...

You did it. You wanted this so much, worked so hard, researched thoroughly, certainly advised me on parenting issues, and in three weeks, you'll have your little peanut. Your heart is so huge. I'm awed! Please include me among those who'd like to follow your trip. Sending you much love, Judi