Monday, July 16, 2007

A Song in My Heart

When Ann called the orphanage to tell them a package would be coming for Cami (as described below) she surprised me by inquiring about our daughter and emailing me a small update. During an adoption, any word about your child is valued and treasured. Each detail is a new piece of the puzzle that begins to show us who she is and who she will become.

According to Ann, the director says "Zhi Yu is healthy and strong. She is a happy girl and likes to play outside. She has fair skin and is a little fat. She enjoys eating rice, noodles, and meat. She is a lovely child and all the nannies love her very much. Zhi Yu is the best girl!".

Of course before it was translated the meaning in Chinese may have been more detailed or intense or colorful. Sometimes English doesn't have enough words to completely get across the meaning of the Chinese. But it was enough to cause Ann to say she really wants to meet this little girl because the director says she's really, really cute and sweet. And my mother heart sings........

And I want to meet her too!

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