Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Frog Quilt

A friend of my mother's made this wonderful quilt for Cami. I absolutely love it! I didn't organize a hundred wishes quilt for her, and I do not know how to quilt myself, but I am aware of the time and effort involved. Oh, and the love that goes into creating a quilt for someone! That's immeasurable.
This woman said she started on the quilt as soon as she heard about our plans to adopt Cami. I know so many kind thoughts and prayers must have been in her mind while she was working. And though we had no idea, we were all wrapped in the love that was stitched into this quilt which can now wrap around Cami.
It's one of the ways I find adoption to be so miraculous. A baby in China. A woman sewing on the other side of the world. The child and the quilt together. We are all connected.......

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