Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Our 12 Step Program

We actually have twelve steps. I have counted them many times over while holding Cami's hand and making sure she doesn't tumble head first from the top. We put a gate at the top of the steps and I think we are all finally trained to always, ALWAYS lock it behind us. At this same time, Cami is proud to show us that she can walk down like everyone else. When she first came home, only five weeks ago, each step was a challenge. She had to heave herself up with all her strength and her legs seemed almost too stiff to bend for alot of steps. But with patience, and about 50 trips up and down the steps a day, Cami has mastered our 12 Step Program. I'll still hold her hand, tell her to hold on, and say, "Be Careful" ..... for at least ten more years. But these pictures show that she knows she has down something BIG!

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