Sunday, November 11, 2007

When I first started looking at toys for Cami, I was disappointed at the selection. It seemed like the only toys available were related to movies, and if you had not seen the show, what meaning would the toys have????

Instead of falling for this consumer bait, I chose instead wooden blocks and balls and dolls made of cornhusk and old rags......LOL...I actually didn't go that far, but I considered it.

I was becoming a toy snob.

Until the day that Cami fell head over heals in love with Elmo. She met a talking Elmo at my mom's house. When it was time to leave, she wrapped her arms around this red creature with eyes like golf balls and would not let go. Next came the Tickle Me Elmo, also from my mom's collection of grandchildren toys from the past 20 years.

Then one day I heard myself saying, "Let's go shopping and see if we can find some Elmo stuff". I was at least as excited as Cami to come home with an Elmo book, Elmo toothbrush, and the awe-inspiring Elmo slippers.

It's fun to see a child relating to a character with the kind of passion and emotion Cami shows. I think Elmo is real to her. Some days I think Elmo is real to me!

On a recent visit to the shopping center, Cami noticed the Christmas decorations. She lovingly pointed to the red and white furry stockings handing on display and said, "ELMO". For a child who had never seen a stocking before, I can see why she made the connection. On the next aisle we happened upon the Halloween costumes marked 75% off. So not only can Cami love Elmo, she can BECOME ELMO. And I watch my house transforming into an Elmo museum while the cornhusk doll gathers dust in the corner.

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Beverly said...

This is fun to watch in a child. I still remember when Glenys made the connection between melmo on her chair and the one in the video. We liked Elmo for a much shorter time than I preferred so enjoy it while it lasts. All too soon they move on to the next great thing whether inspired by TV/movies or older cousins/friends.