Sunday, December 9, 2007

First Tippy Tails

Lately Cami has been bringing me hair bands and asking me to put them in her hair. Not an easy task because her hair is so short all over. Yesterday I purchased some of the tiny plastic rubber bands and after her bath, I gave Cami three little "tippy tails". Soon enough, I tell her, we'll have to pull your hair out of your eyes everyday. But for a little girl, hair can't grow fast enough!


sb said...

Tee-hee, Ha-ha! A Julia in the making!!! Love the little tails.

Beverly said...

She is adorable in them.


Angel said...

I just LOVE her tippy tails. Your little one grabs my heart. She reminds me quite a bit of our Kaiya who is waiting in China. She is also around the same age Kaiya should be when she gets home so seeing your little sweety pie is fun. Did you see the video gift I made for Christmas?

Anyway... thanks for sharing your sweety with us. I feel like I get a sneek peek at our future. I would pay dearly to be able to jump on a plane right now and go get my baby girl. :0) Angel