Saturday, February 2, 2008

Beauty of China Digital Scrapbook Page

As I continue learning about digital scrapbooking, I'm working on both recent photos
and photos from our trip to China. I'm trying to learn one new technique a day.
Today's technique was feathering.
It was very easy. I used the lasso tool in PSE4 to make an outline of these two
photographs one layer at a time. Then I selected the feathering tool so
that they were blurred around the edges.
There are free tutorials on line that can explain it much better than me!

First I had only the picture of Cami on the page and I loved the colors but it
seemed too empty.
The second photo I chose was one I took in Nanchang at the
Teng Weng Pavillion.
I liked the effect of the old style buildings and the pink flowers blooming.
I'm happy with this page and excited about learning my next technique.

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Sharon said...

Oooooh, that is BEAUTIFUL!! Great work! Cami looks so serene! :)