Sunday, April 6, 2008

Post-Op Visit and Report

We returned to Chapel Hill for Cami's 2 week post op visit. The doctors said her mouth had healed perfectly and she was allowed to add soft meat and noodles to her diet. She was happy to return the "no-no's" (arm restraints) to the doctor who said he will write Cami's name on them take them on one of his volunteer trips. It's possible a baby in China will have cleft surgery and use Cami's no-no's!!!

Here is how her repaired palate looks. The white areas are either stitches or a dissolving type of packing that helps the skin remain elastic as it grows stronger. For comparison I added the photo of her palate before repair!

As the swelling and pain subside, Cami is increasing her repertoire of sounds and words. I think the ear tubes have already helped her hearing tremendously. I'm amazed she was speaking as clearly as she was before the surgery. You can't say what you cannot hear.

So as she begins to put two words together, each day brings fun new combinations. Recent additions to her vocabulary include, "Up Dada"...... "Come on"......"Let's Go"......"Right Back"....."Help Me". She actually says longer phrases, but these are a few of the ones anyone within hearing range can understand.

We continue with speech therapy here at home once a week. It's been alot of fun and games up to this point. I think the time has come to start working hard on learning how to make all the sounds as well as strengthening the many muscles in her mouth that are needed for articulation.


norie said... is like a see the inside of her mouth like that! how do they do it?? i will write more soon as cecelia's preop is scheduled for may 27th..

cami is gorgeous!


Joanna & Tim said...

So glad that Cami has healed so well! It truly is amazing that the doctors can make a mouth out of one that is not there. It's like magic! I love your before and after photos. I tried to get some of Nina but couldn't get any that captured her palate very well.
Thanks for the updates!!