Thursday, April 3, 2008


"In my life, I was the one with the special need and my child was the one that filled it. How was I so incredibly lucky to be given this child?"
author unknown

I'm so thankful to have Cami in our family. At first glance, people see an adopting family and they think how much the child needed a family. Only if they look closer can they see how much the family needed that child!

I'm thankful to be two whole weeks passed Cami's palate surgery. She is completely back to normal now with no restrictions except eating things with sharp corners. I am thankful for the talent and kindness of Dr. Van Aust at UNC Medical Center.

I am thankful for a mother who knows everything I don't about window treatments and home decor. She is helping me fix up the girl's rooms. Jillian's room will be a surprise for her 14th birthday...... Shhhhhh!

I am thankful for nights of long sleep, speech therapy in my home, and drinkable yogurts!

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pc said...

hi, i was surfing into scrapbooking stuff and thankfully i come to this wonderful blog with wonderful story. i am truly touched by your effort into rising cami. she is adorable and you are an amazing mom. :)

i wish you and your family a happy weekend.

mother of 1