Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cami Help Cami

Cami is right on target as a 2 year old! She is in the independent stage where she wants to do everything by herself and she is insulted if I try to help her. Most days we play a gentle tug of war with Cami trying to dress herself and me trying to sneak a hand in to help without her realizing it. If she does find me trying to help her she will politely move my hand away and carry on.

Cami also loves to use the word, "NO". Sometimes she says it for no reason at all, as if she just likes the sound of it. Sometimes she says it when she doesn't mean it. But mostly says it with perfect timing, in any case where I give her a choice. I've learned not to say, "Do you want to put on her shoes"? (NO)......."pick up the toys with me"? (NO)..... "Go to bed"? (NOOOOOOOO!!!!!)

Over the course of a day, Cami probably says "Mommy" and "No" hundreds of times. I love hearing her little voice, especially when she is playing and caught up in her imagination and she doesn't realize I'm listening.

Well, yesterday she had the telephone and she was pushing random buttons and pretending to talk to people. All of a sudden, I heard a real voice speaking to her. It went like this:

Operator: Hello?
Cami: Halloooooo
Operator: This is the operator, May I help you?
Cami: NO! Cami Help Cami!

I guess she is understanding English pretty well to converse with the phone operator. But she sure did not want her help. I got on the phone at that point and apologized for the inconvenience. LOL.

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Angel said...

OH MAN! That is TOO funny. LOL! That girl of yours is too adorable for words. I can hardly wait to haul my little 2 year old home from China. Any day now... :0) Angel