Thursday, May 15, 2008

I enjoy calling to mind all the things I have to be thankful for on a regular basis.
Thankfulness is not just for Thanksgiving anymore!

In no particular order,

I'm thankful I've always been able to provide shoes for my children.
I'm thankful for my lilies that have bloomed by my front walk for six years now.

I'm thankful for mornings when everyone goes to school on time and smiling.
And I'm thankful for afternoons that bring the same.

I'm thankful for grandparents and cousins and memories still to come.
I'm thankful for the guardian angels that I know are following all of us through this world.
(May they never take a vacation!)

And finally,
this week,
I'm especially thankful for high school teachers,
Dora the Explorer Pullups
and my Dad's 70th birthday!


Denise said...

Such a nice thankful list, happy birthday to your dad.

Nancie said...

That's a sweet thankful list. Thanks for sharing. So wonderful that you have lilies that bloom in your front walk. I love lilies. Happy birthday to your dad!

Storm said...

Love the title of your blog.

Thanks for sharing your thankful list. God bless.

Melanie said...

A great list of blessing from God!

Have a blessed weekend!