Monday, June 9, 2008

Sunday Swimming

As the temperature hovered around 100 degrees all weekend, there wasn't much we felt like doing. Late Sunday afternoon we ventured down to the pool again. I think we'll be spending alot of time there this summer. Cami is more adventurous each time she gets in the water. This time we let her play in both the regular pool and the baby pool. She would have been happy in the water for several more hours!!! I also caught a picture of Big Sister flying out of the pool slide!


Suz said...

Part girl, part fish! Of course, Cami loves the pool. And she is looking so grown up in that one piece bathing suit.

I love the tumbling video. What a cutie!


karinsgarden said...

It has been a long time since I "stopped" by. Cami looks so beautiful, happy and loved. I really appreciate you posting her pre and post op photos. We are considering going the special needs group and thinking about maybe adopting a child with cleft palate. I would love to talk to you further if you are willing to e-mail me. We have fears and questions and it would be nice to hear what is involved from someone who has actually gone through it.