Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Raindrops Falling on my Head

We've had some wonderful rains this summer. So different from the terrible droughts the past few years. Almost every afternoon a dark cloud rolls into town and we have a summer storm.

Cami is not particularly bothered by the thunder and lightening. I guess she heard plenty of thunder in China. However, she is fascinated by the rain. If there is no lightening, we will sometimes sit on the front porch and let the mist from the hard rain blow over us.

Regardless of the weather, Cami enjoys dressing up for the rain. Almost everyday she plays dress-up with her raincoat and umbrella. I've telling her that she can wear this raincoat to preschool in the Fall when we have a rainy day........ just trying to introduce the "preschool" idea to her.


amy said...

She looks too cute and a lot of fun!

Narey said...

I wondered at the proximity of Cary to your hometown, one thing led to another and I happened upon your blog...how can I visit without saying congratulations on all the goings on in your family, especially, of course, your new little girl. God bless you all...