Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tumbling Down

Life comes at you fast!
And life can change in a split second!
I'm just thankful for the guardian angel
that tumbled down the staircase with Cami in her arms.

I want to share how the accident happened
in hopes it will prevent it happening to another child.

Cami has learned to navigate our stairs safely
and in this instance she was not trying to go up or down the steps.
She was standing at the top sort of playing with the gate,
pushing it closed and pulling it back.
It takes an adults strength to lock it so she was
innocently opening and closing it.

For some reason
Cami decide to push the gate shut with alot of power.
It pushed through the point of closure
and flew open towards the stairs
which caught her by surprise and unbalanced her,
sending her through the air
and landing on the steps with alot of force
which sent her tumbling,
head over heals
all the way to the bottom.

As you can see,
the gate came too and could have hurt her badly
if it had hit her.

We were within three feet of her when it happened.
I don't remember getting to the bottom of the steps myself
and Mark heroically tried to get down in time to catch her.

We knew immediately that she was hurt more than just scared.
Her cry was different from any I've heard and
she pointed to her shoulder.

We had no idea if she had sustained other injuries,
so we just wrapped her in a blanket and
headed to the Emergency Room.

All things considered,
we are very thankful that she has a fractured
It could have been alot worse.

She is wearing her sling
and being a good patient.
We hope she'll have use of both hands
by Christmas.

We are working on a new gate system!


JShannon said...

Oh my, poor camie.
She looks like a trooper though!

Hope she feels better soon and can use both hands for those presents.

norie said...


we hope you feel better very soon!!!

love, cecelia dn her mommy

Courtney said...

OH NO!!! So sorry to hear this!!! Get well soon Cami and we hope you have a fantastic Christmas!!

Courtney & Amelia

Doug and Terrye said...

Sweet girl! Those stairs can be hard on a persons bones. She looks like she is handling it all very well.

Terrye in FL

Kennedy said...

Oh your little Cami is too cute.

Hope she feels better soon.

Kennedy-13, adopted from CHina as well.
Kennedy's Fundraising to attend the Yangzhou Re-Union:

Marie France Bourgeois said...

Dear Cami and NOri

So sad to hear about the story but as you said, she had an Angel with her. Thank God they exist.

Cami has grown so much and she looks wonderful and very balanced and happy.

I hope she is doing better,
Lots of love from Canada
Xinfa and mummy Marie-France