Thursday, March 29, 2007

Children's Hospital of Anhui Province

Name: Xiao Zhiyu
Bed No: 7
Section: Mouth Cavity
Date of Surgery: June 21, 2006

Female, 9 months, was hospitalized due to upper unilateral (left) congenital cleft lip and palate. The upper lip was cleft on the left side from the lip to the base of the nose. The cleft was wide, the left nostril was flat, even and large. The nosewing sank and the bridge of the nose was crooked outside. The palate was cleft from the uvula to alveolar on the left side. The cleft was wide, and the oral cavity was interlinked with the nasal cavity.

Upon admission, after all kinds of tests, no abnormality was found with no operational limitation. The operation was carried out under the condition of total intravenous anesthesia. During the operation, general conditions of the patient were good, and the operation was successful. After the operation, the cut was washed partially, changing medicine and bandages, to prevent infection. The cut was healed up in the first phase with removal of operational use threads on time after operation.

Conditions on Discharge: The patient's general conditions were good with normal temperature, in good spirit and with normal diet and bowel movements. The cut was healing and the outer shape seemed to be good. The thread was removed without redness and swelling.

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