Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cleft Lip Surgery

There are a few different ways that babies in China can receive the surgery they need. The Chinese Government offers some assistance through The Tomorrow Plan. Another charity that helps countless children is Love Without Boundaries. Please see my links in the side bar for more information on the amazing people that make beautiful things happen through these special organizations!

Unfortunately, Camryn's orphanage is rural and isolated, and very small. It has not been part of any large charitable programs that I know of. The story of how Camryn was allowed to have surgery is nothing short of a miracle!

Around the time of Camryn's birth, a family from Ohio adopted a beautiful little girl from the Xianjiang SWI. Our two families were already connected and we had no idea who they were. In fact, we did not yet know we would be adopting from China!

There is a Chinese belief that everyone is born with an invisible red thread
that connects them to all the people that will be important in
their life.
As we grow, the thread shortens,
drawing closer the people who are significant.
This thread may turn and tangle, but it will never break.

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