Wednesday, April 4, 2007


I have a care package ready to send to Camryn tomorrow. She will be receiving the Blue Penguin, of course, and couple warm weather outfits, and socks and bibs to share with her friends.

I'm also sending a camera and in my letter (thanking the nannies for taking care of Camryn and introducing ourselves as her forever family) I asked if they would try and take some pictures of her going about her day. Many families I have talked to have received a camera full of pictures and ready to be developed when they met their child. Since we cannot visit the orphanage on the adoption trip, these pictures will be so important for Cami to have so she can see what her life was like and who was caring for her.

I'm sending gum and candy to the nannies. I'd love to hear what other families have sent in their care packages in case I have time to send another one.

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