Thursday, April 5, 2007


We just recieved a Growth and Developement update for Camryn.

According to the ayis that are taking care of her, she is Active with a Quick Response. She walks on her own and has seven teeth.

She eats five times a day, a diet of milk powder, rice cereal, gruel, soft fish and egg noodle soup.

She sleeps well from 8:00pm until 5:45am, and she has a nap in the afternoon.

My intuition has always been that she was special to someone there at the orphanage, and I think her special someone is slipping her a few cookies...... because she is no small fry! She weighs 25 pounds and is 31 inches tall!

It is wonderful news to hear that she is growing and healthy and loves to play outside.


saddlupasb said...

Good news! Sounds like your Cam is growing and progessing nicely. She'll love the blue penguin.

From the mother of one Cameron to another. My little Cam is growing fast also!

SCGymmom said...

She is absolutely special to someone there - I know you're right about that! I am glad you shared your blog.

The blue penguin is a great idea. What a long process it is from first interview to homecoming. But, Oh, how much it is definitely worth the wait! (Missing my own DD right now . . . )

The Katie Starr Team said...


I love your blog. I sincerely hope that you are DTC VERY SOON!!

Cherith said...

She is just so darling! Congratulations!